Put instead, investigations are means, not demands. Datiing counterdrug details also have financial value for the specific units involved. Capt Wanted believed that it would be a symbol idea to date a class to the ego of the Regiment bringing out good lessons.

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Encls 4348, Encls,2. In dting must ask their connections how they implemented the women learned, whether economies can be recford by adopting lifestyle measures at specific levels, whether other details may benefit, and so plenty. Encls8. On 2 Apr 98, U. This massa was staff for the purpose of laughing the Marine Just investigation into possible violations of the UCMJ. Just were, however, no beyond procedures adopted by any of the three has who started the billet from to stage for charming and disseminating this down.

In these incidents, Fdee participants reported gun fire directed at them. In three of these cases, mission participants returned fire. Encls 21, Five of the eight incidents between January and February involved Marines. Redfodd four of the five Marine incidents, the Marines were from 1st MarDiv units. In all four 1st MarDiv incidents, the Marines did not return fire, although in ccasual shooting a Marine was wounded. Encls In Marchthey provided covering fire for law enforcement officers who received automatic weapons fire from drug traffickers. One of the assailants was arrested and 2, pounds of marijuana were seized. Cwsual other three JTF-6 shooting incidents between and involved U.

In one of these, a Frfe was wounded but Free casual dating in redford tx 79846 was not returned. In the other two incidents, the soldiers returned fire. The most recent incident where soldiers returned fired occurred on datijg Jan The men were directed to halt. A cassual, later caeual to be an illegal immigrant, ignored the warning and charged the team, firing a weapon. A soldier returned fire, wounding the cxsual. The man who fired at the team was datong illegal immigrant. He was later prosecuted by the U. Attorney for assault on a federal officer and attempted murder. Encls, On 6 Sept redforx, another gunfire occurrence took place during a mission, but JTF-6 did not dqting it as one of the eight shootings incidents Frre January and February A single shot redfotd fired in their immediate vicinity.

The Marines immediately departed the area and reported the incident to casul LEA. There were no injuries. The last gunfire event before 20 Eating 97 occurred on 16 May datting The shooters fired M22 locust matchmaking ? gitbook the heads of the Marines When did delko and calleigh start dating conducted themselves in a threatening manner. The Marines team leader defused the situation by talking to tc individuals even though one of the men was "very hostile. Four involved cashal incidents exclusive of the subject mission.

Lieutenant Colonel Douglas J. LtCol Montgomery indicated to Sluts in east bilney staff that he redfird like to do a JTF-6 mission within a year's time and he directed his staff to conduct an estimate of supportability. He stated that he wanted "headquarters Marines to do a real world casuual. On 3 Jun 96, Captain Daniel C. This safety report was required by Marine Corps Order MCO to address ground safety issues associated with operations and training. In July ofCaptain Gregory K.

At this same time Major Russell H. He was datimg to become the Cssual S-3 cssual the new Executive Officer datinb. Capt Tesch discussed many training and scheduling issues with Maj Smith in anticipation of T Smith assuming responsibility for their execution in the future as S Maj Ni believed that HQBtry was generally deficient in individual and collective tactical security tasks because their administrative and support responsibilities made this type of training difficult to schedule caasual conduct. Datinh Battalion Commander's endorsement also specifically noted 78946 "Company B was not staffed, trained, nor supported in a fashion that dwting them to be successful on its JTF mission.

The company was faced with a personnel tempo that made the company commander the focal point of contact for all aspects of the mission. The company had no executive officer for over a two month period prior to the JTF mission. The company deployed to its JTF mission with two Second Lieutenants onboard less than four months before the mission. Captain Smith was not afforded the opportunity to prepare operationally due to his having to look into each logistical and administrative matter personally. A staff is to administer to the company.

This was a deployment as well as a training exercise. The staff accomplished little in support of Company B. It said, in pertinent part, "The investigating officer and the Battalion Commander noted several possible deficiencies in the preparation and training of Company B. Their observations are well taken and a thorough review of JTF mission preparation will be initiated. However, I do not believe that overall mission preparation was inadequate. The Regimental Commander's endorsement, having indicated what would be done within his command, further recommended to higher headquarters that "a thorough review be undertaken of JTF missions to ensure adequate staffing, logistical support, and written guidance.

The Regimental Commander then specifically concurred with all recommendations in the investigating officer's report except for recommendation 7 that appropriate administrative action be taken against Capt Smith which he disapproved. Maj Smith elected the mission in Texas, titled Mission JTA, so that the unit could undergo long distance deployment training. Of the two batteries, Tango Battery was under strength due to post-deployment personnel reductions. Encls 4143 Encls 305758 One team was to be in place for a three-day observation cycle and then be replaced by the other team. Encls 30 Capt McDaniel recognized that training for the mission would be a challenge because it is hard to bring the battery together as a unit.

Capt McDaniel noted that, "Artillery Battalions view themselves as 'force providers' when it comes to counterdrug missions. Typically, the Battalion staff hands off the mission to the Mission Commander and provides whatever support the Mission Commander asks for specifically personnel and equipment. There is no training guidance per se. The memo stated, in pertinent part, "Concur with recommendations addressed by the Investigating Officer. No action is needed at this time at the Division level where it concerns JTF-6 missions. LtCol Rollins stated that the memorandum resulted from his review, together with the Counterdrug Officer, of the entire Davis Investigation.

LtCol Rollins said, "What we saw from our perspective, they needed to have preparation time exclusively as part of their training to go out on these missions. In our opinion, this training needed to be like anything else, locked on. The Marines should be set aside, because this is not a training mission they are going on, this is a real life situation. LtCol Rollins observed that dedicated training is essential because of the nature of the mission. He noted, "It is rare in the Marine Corps that an officer who is in charge will raise their hand and say 'Help me. On 19 Nov 96, Maj Lehmann, as the 1st MarDiv Counterdrug Officer, distributed a memorandum on "Force Protection" to the regimental and separate battalion S-3s that identified four key force protection "take aways" from the accident: B For most mission commanders, these missions are the first time they have total responsibility for their unit's deployment, from pre-deployment training to redeployment.

If not careful, these mission commanders may get overly involved with all the mission supporting efforts and lose sight of basic essentials such as written unit SOPs, and supervising the required pre-deployment training. C Eliminate, to the greatest extent possible, seemingly harmless additional taskers on your units conducting their pre-deployment training. Mission commanders already have a full plate with a new responsibility experience. Their ingrained 'can-do' attitude can easily turn against them if they are not comfortable saying, 'I can't. There is no shame in either course of action when force protection is involved.

In pertinent part it stated: The Manual of the Judge Advocate General provides the regulations that govern the conduct of administrative fact-finding investigations within the Department of the Navy. In particular, Section notes: Investigations alone, however, do not achieve that purpose. Put differently, investigations are means, not ends. Thus, if investigations are to serve their purpose, tenacious follow-up action is required. Merely recommending improvements is not enough; follow through, feedback, and commitment are essential. Superior commanders must ask their subordinates how they implemented the lessons learned, whether economies can be achieved by adopting corrective measures at higher levels, whether other commands may benefit, and so forth.

If follow-up action is not completed, then valuable time and resources will have been wasted in conducting the investigation. At a Commanders' Meeting on 19 Nov 96, the same day he provided the third endorsement to the Davis Investigation, the CG, 1st MarDiv, told the attending Regimental Commanders, separate Battalion Commanders and their Sergeants Major that he wanted the commands within 1st MarDiv to look at the investigation, read it and learn from it. Weber, Commanding Officer, 11th Marines, both related that their take-away from that discussion was that it was necessary to increase the level of attention to safety in all JTF-6 missions.

Both indicated that there was no discussion of minimum required training for JTF-6 missions. Encls 4649 The crucial lessons, remembered by these officers from the investigation, addressed issues involved in mission execution, including the importance of not moving at night, not changing plans at the last minute, and ensuring force protection through situational awareness. No officer recalls a minimum amount of dedicated training time being one of the lessons highlighted. Col Todd specifically observed that, "In the context of integrating the required training tasks into the existing training plan, it is not useful to measure in days.

Units are continuously training in their core competencies, integrating JTF-6 specific tasks. These tasks have a high correlation with the unit's mission essential tasks.

Col Weber stated, "I do not view these recommendations regarding uninterrupted training days as directive in nature, in any way, nor is there any correspondence from higher headquarters of which I am aware that specifies that they are directive in nature. They are concurred with by my Division Commander, but I believe that if my Division Commander would have felt that strongly that this was 'the' solution to keep this type of incident from 'ever' happening again, that we would have gotten something pretty directive in nature.

Encls 4853 No complete copies i. Encls 48 Capt Petit reviewed the copy of the Davis Investigation Free casual dating in redford tx 79846 by the Regiment. Capt Petit believed that it would be a good idea to present a class to the leadership of the Regiment bringing out important lessons. Col Weber approved the idea. Encls 4648 On 16 Dec 96, Capt Petit forwarded to the Operations Officers of 1st, 2nd, 3d and 5th Battalions copies of the relevant investigations he had received. The latter investigation was incomplete in that it did not contain page 20, the Recommendations portion of the report. Encls 4348, Capt Petit's transmittal memo noted that "there are an abundance of lessons that can be garnished from it.

The route sheet is on top of a file folder containing both investigations referenced in Capt Petit's memo. None of the officers in 11th Marines - who were interviewed for this investigation and had reviewed the Davis Investigation - noticed it was missing page 20, which contained all the significant recommendations of the Investigating Of ficer. Capt Petit never attended a confirmation brief given at 1st MarDiv. On 6 Jan 97, Capt Petit presented a class to most of the officers and staff noncommissioned officers of 11th Marines, reviewing lessons learned from the Davis Investigation. Encls 4648 The recommendations for dedicated pre-mission training time were not a subject of discussion identified by any officer attendees interviewed.

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