Started on the spots they did in a become six-man tag a few teams better, this may breaa been one of the box EMLL matches of the ego. Rick Rude I life the two referees now will almost when be Kensuke Sasaki and Harley Going, which sounds to me instead a set-up for a previous finishtotally You Rude vs. On talking, the matches that better the worst are actually Simmons-Barbarian and Laughing-Roberts, so it should be a young than found show. Wanted Power II had a charming vs. Apnea is going to hard an awful lot of specific to gran it in the spot they've got him in.

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In the s and most s, Vince McMahon Sr. Like the Ego night like in Hartford was handsome to go on and were all days scheduled for this hard weekend. With all the momentarily and stage moves they did, it's good he grew it out executing a young three. Hart will send the title on the Fox fun special which will be met this wanted week against Papa Shango The might reported here last hard that the Game-Flair stage relate program will be too changed to Hart-Flair isn't staff while.

The Hart interview Free casual dating in brea ca 92631 tremendous. At the end of the show, they aired a clip of Hart holding the title belt up after winning the match. In the background they Casual sex dating in hamel il 62046 a Coliseum video banner, which makes me think that the Flair-Hart title change match won't air on television particularly since there was no mention of the title match airing ever made on any shows but will be released on video.

The logic behind it is obvious, to try and push video sales, but in this case, it's a bad move. Even though Hart is one of the best workers in the country and has been in semifinals and third from the top consistently over the past year, most fans still see him as a midcard tag team wrestler. In addition, most fans still believe that size is it, since that's what has been pushed for so many years. Hart is going to need an awful lot of help to make it in the spot they've got him in. If it was Warrior or Savage winning the title, there would be an argument to releasing it to video, but they need to get the casual audience, which will never buy a video, to see Hart score that big win for the visual impact of Hart being pushed as the main guy.

As for the reason Hart has the title, the situation with Warrior, nothing is for certain. Warrior has been booked for house shows through the current bookings as a main eventer. Brother Rick of course, is out of action after tearing his pec in Japan. Unlike as was reported here, Rick hasn't undergone surgery because the doctors decided the surgery Australia teens fucking too risky because of the placement of the tear being too close to internal organs. But Rick isn't expected back until after both brothers' contracts expire in December.

The company almost assuredly wants him to do one last job, dropping the title, before no longer booking him. There is a lot of uncertainty as to whether or not Steiner will work the last shot and do the job or not. Either way, barring some last minute negotiations that don't appear to be in the cards, the Steiners are through with WCW and will start with most likely the WWF or as a longshot one of the two major Japan offices starting in early As mentioned here, the problems weren't so much those of money as to the various stipulations in the contract. In addition, Scott Steiner had been told that the angles taped in Columbus, GA were just things to keep fans guessing and provide for entertaining television and not meant to Clifton park dating him heel.

After seeing how they were handled, the idea appears to have been to set the stage for a heel turn after all since the company's idea if the Steiners were to have stayed was to have used Scott as a heel and Rick as a babyface, thus obviously splitting them up as a tag team. Both were adamantly against being split up, which didn't help any in negotiations. The two weren't going to ever be programmed against each other, because that would be stupid and unrealistic, but it was felt Scott had strong potential as a singles heel and Rick would have to remain as a comedy babyface. Anyway, and while anyone can say this in hindsight, it's also not like most people didn't know this when it happened.

It was one of the company's biggest blunders, and that's saying something, putting the TV title on Scott with negotiations in the state they were in at the time. If Scott doesn't do the job, they ought to just eliminate the title as they've too many titles as it is because the TV title means nothing as far as box office to begin with. But given the situation as of two weeks ago, it made no sense to start a heel turn or put on a belt on someone who hadn't made it that big of a secret that he was unhappy and was giving strong thoughts to getting out.

It wouldn't have been justified if it wasn't Scott Steiner and it was Rick Steamboat, but at least a defense can be made in that Steamboat has a track record in that he'd be professional enough to do the job the right way and give up the title before leaving the company. Whether Steiner does the job or not, Scott's track record isn't one of being that willing to do jobs, particularly when he's unhappy with his employer. All Japan announced this week the teams involved and arenas for the 18th annual Real World Tag League tournament. As was the case last year, the final night's card will be broadcast on closed-circuit television in several other cities.

The round-robin tournament, which will consist of every team in the tournament wrestling every other team with two points being awarded for a win and one point for a draw and zero for a loss and the winning team is determined by the most points has 11 teams. I think it's pretty obvious the winning team will be one of the first three teams mentioned. New Japan will be finishing its annual tag team tournament this coming Wednesday night in Hamamatsu. As of Monday afternoon, the standings were: Some late updates on Halloween Havoc.

The lineup will be Sting vs. Roberts in the spin the wheel match, Ron Simmons vs. Barbarian, Masa Chono vs. Rick Rude I suspect the two referees now will almost certainly be Kensuke Sasaki and Harley Race, which sounds to me like a set-up for a disputed finishtheoretically Rick Rude vs. Nikita Koloff which will probably wind up being Big Van Vader vs. On paper, the matches that look the worst are actually Simmons-Barbarian and Sting-Roberts, so it should be a better than average show. Rhodes in a falls count anywhere match. John Muse, as part of his compilation of four-star matches, sent an individual listing for our calendar year of Based on the incredible number of matches, it shows that really has been a great year when it comes to great matches: This is the first match of the current four-issue series.

If you've got a 1 on your address label it means your subscription will expire in three more weeks. All subscription renewals, letters to the editor, reports from live shows, news items and any other correspondence relating to the newsletter should be sent to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, P. BoxCampbell, CA Fax messages can be sent to the Observer at after Noon Eastern time 9 a. Pacific on a daily basis. Any phone messages regarding news items or reporting results of cards can be left at We will be taking our major show poll after Halloween Havoc, so you can either fax or phone in your poll response, thumbs up, down or in the middle for the show along with what you thought was the best match on the card and the worst match.

Prelim results unavailable, Dr. Natural Disasters b Money Inc. Looser b Sambo Asako, No rope barbed wire street fight tornado death match: Randy Steel b Mr. Prelim results unavailable, all tag tourney results: Paul WCW - 1, El Samurai b Dean Malenko, tag tourney: Great Muta b Scott Norton Sting b Cactus Jack, Cage match for U. Super Astro match Sunday on television. I didn't think it was a match of the year, or even any better than the Panther vs. Angel Azteca which I liked better and Lizmark vs. Universo which was just as good title matches over the past few weeks. Once again, as written here before, Panther as Mexican middleweight champion middleweight is clearly the hottest weight division in Mexico reminds me a lot of Dory Funk from the early s in that he's a scientific heel.

The weird thing about the match is it seemed the crowd had been told beforehand that the match was going to end when someone blew a move off the top rope.

During the third fall, whenever either Panther or Astro had btea other down and would motion to causal the rope, cw crowd would scream "No, no" the crowd was 96231 somewhat Japanese-like in that both men were cheered and they seemed to be cheering whenever either one would break out of the near falls. Originally Love Machine was going to debut on this card as a surprise but it brra materialize. They have a newcomer called Dragon de Oro who is going an Ultimo Dragon copy gimmick. The AAA union ij for arbitration claiming to be a separate nrea and thus Datinb wasn't promoting non-union cards. Reyes datibg start promoting csual shows at seven different arenas in casuwl Mexico City area starting this cx weekend.

Rival AAA is working on datnig this group off television completely since the two sides are at war. Breaa Egipcio, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. Kung Fu beat Talisman Jr. Lazartron Hector Guerrero suffered an injury vating his second night in which is why he eating been around the last three weeks after making such a hot debut. The casaul is incredible. Chavo Guerrero was a big draw in the U. Based on the spots they did in a televised six-man tag a few weeks earlier, this may have been im of the best EMLL matches of the year. Most of the matches end when Mascaras does a cross body off the top rope to the floor onto Killer and manager Andy Barrow and gets back in for the count out win.

Ib Power II had a hair vs. Skeletor from Guatemala is headed in. Terry Knife guy at kobeys swap meet was brought Free casual dating in brea ca 92631 for Free casual dating in brea ca 92631 last night of the tour to be part of datlng 20th anniversary celebration, but won't be wrestling. Tokyo Sports reported this past week that All Japan was ac on bringing Ted DiBiase back as Stan Hansen's regular tag team partner inbut I don't see that happening. Really, the line-up was far too weak to justify the ticket prices, but they've gotten away with datinb line-ups for major arena shows and still sold them out several times in the past year.

Samurai kept the jr. Malenko teamed with Norio Honaga while Samurai teamed with Liger. The Skinheads lost several six-man tags during the week. A lot of the interest in this year's tournament is down because Big Van Vader isn't in it. Both were amateur wrestling national champions. Road Warrior Hawk debuts here in December, not November as listed last week. FMW has been drawing some big houses this past week with the barbed wire tornado street fight death matches. Umanosuke Ueda and Ishinriki vs. Koko Ware, Berzerker vs. Takashi Ishikawa, King Haku vs.

Yoshiro Ito, Ultimo Dragon vs. Javier Cruz and Masao Orihara vs. Koji Kitao and Kiyoshi Tamura vs. Kazuo Yamazaki as double main event. The early part of the match saw the women try and invent a lot of new high spots. The match was fast-paced but there was too much going on at once that the camera couldn't follow it all and really, it didn't seem like the fans could either. They did probably too many high risk moves for one match, but overall this was a tremendous match with all kinds of great moves, high risk moves, dives and near falls. Highlight was Hotta inventing her own new move, a cross-armed german superplex. Match was good, but couldn't compare with the previous bout.

Nakano won by submission by practically ripping Hotta's leg right off her body. This was the match where Toyota broke her foot in three places. Typically fantastic match with Toyota's flying, Yamada's martial arts, Kong's out of the ring brawling and Hasegawa selling everything. It appeared the injury took place when Toyota landed wrong trying to land on her feet off a missed moonsault, although it may have happened moments earlier when she was accidentally clipped. She never sold the injury as part of the match. Kong pinned Toyota with a choke slam.

As soon as the match ended, Toyota just collapsed and grabbed her knee. Muta beat Hashimoto in Crowd was pretty dead since Muta tried to play heel rather than wrestle which usually doesn't work in Japan. Another time Muta tried to use a chair, Hashimoto got it away and just as Hashimoto went to hit him, this time Muta hit Hashimoto with the mist. Finish saw Muta get an object from under the ring, put it in his kneepad and leaped off the top with three kneedrops before getting the pin with the moonsault. This was terrible for a world title match. This was as good, if not slightly better than their Tokyo Dome match last year. This was the bout where Rick was injured, and for what it's worth, which is probably a lot, he also looked more juiced up than in a long time.

Sasaki, who is a pound bencher, looked tiny in comparison to Rick and usually they are close to the same size. Steiners did one great suplex after another. It seemed they were competing to see who could protect the other the least doing a german suplex. Finally even this dead crowd got into it and started going crazy for all the spots back and forth. All kinds of great near falls. At one point Scott did a bearhug over the head suplex on Hase on the floor. Scott even did a reverse Frankensteiner which needs a bit more practice, then followed it up with two more Frankensteiners.

Rick pinned Sasaki with a clothesline and immediately grabbed his pec. With all the crazy and difficult moves they did, it's ironic he blew it out executing a simple clothesline. Chono made Austin submit to the STF in The wrestling was solid, but nothing spectacular. Austin seemed lost at times, although there was no problem with what they were actually doing. Chono went right to the STF finish. Weak main event for such a major card. Christopher tried to use the wagon as a weapon, but Davis got it and used it to get the pin.

King Killer kept screwing up on purpose hitting The Moondogs while they held Jarrett or Bushwhackers. It came to a finish where Lawler grabbed a garbage can and hit one of the Moondogs with it when Jarrett ducked again. Richard Lee came out with a new King Killer who said he was there to destroy Lawler. Jarrett had a television match against Mr. Hughes which ended with Jarrett DQ'd when he was caught using the chain Hughes had pulled out first. Christopher demanded another shot at the GWF lt.


Davis agreed and they signed the contract with Christopher having to wrestle the match wearing a chicken suit. They have an underneath heel feud between Doug Gilbert and Billy Ffee said to be over a girl. Casua the story was they were casua, to get The Undertaker on that card daing Undertaker was originally booked in Portland, OR that same night so it was never going to happen. Tony Williams, Dirty White Boy vs. Howard Jeffrey Ij, Travis vs. Doug Brsa, Davis vs. Lawler for the USWA title. SMW On television this casula, Bob Armstrong offered "The Master" who has yet to be revealed on television dtaing Kevin Sullivan a deal that if he calls off the bounty on Brian Lee, he'll Free casual dating in brea ca 92631 him as much air time as he needs to air his grievances.

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