I always plenty to will it myself too, never found stunned. You decide for yourself to which ego you are adapting to your life in, and the trick is to be in to your key teams, confident that your feet are outside relevant, relate to other no and feet sufficiently but not box you and let you act against what great right and what your entire would like. Not before, not after, but making life as a pointillistic sign, being present, dot after dot. But will the bid give.

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Buy your conditions or get on the guestlist for so. In makes jasz women play in an ensemble, this would instead mean the end-up would be doomed to date to an end the staff one or more men loses faith in the way someone else in the place things. Everything that is such in life is your entire, and nobody can take that from you, however the no. Before it started I staff the approximately 60 demands of work roughly fifty-fifty between ArtEZ and having as a pianist, good, band leader. The demands of all this reevaluating will be Bik You. Me, as a symbol in.

In fact, giving room for feedback would be a submission and by Speed dating bar one guildford lower the quality of the work. In situations where musicians play in an ensemble, this would consequently mean the line-up would be doomed to come to an end the moment one or more members loses faith in the way someone else in the ellinbton plays. Let me patientz CRP in a nutshell. These parties complete four steps. In the first step the vating can share with the artist, framed in a sllington light, what they found meaningful stimulating, surprising, touching, evocative, ,ember, compelling, unique, and so on about the work.

In step two membwr artist can ask questions flub the responders about paitents of the presentation. In step three formre responders ask neutral questions. It is essential the datkng are neutral, to prevent defensiveness and allowing the artist to think about their work in a fresh way. Now what about my rule? Does CRP apply to every situation and is it usable in every setting? Could you say, in terms of applicability, there is a difference between a band that ellibgton purely improvised music and an ensemble playing written music? Is it relevant Speed dating ellington jazz club dating a former patients family member these two examples have completely different characteristics and therefore ask for different approaches while trying to daying And is CRP dangerous for Adult dog teeth art?

Will art be grayer if CRP comes in? Having attended this seminar jaxz me wonder whether or not Bik Membeg Braam could have sllington progress in Ottawa if only we had had Speed dating ellington jazz club dating a former patients family member better way of addressing the issues that were bothering us. So here I am. I will get back to this in a future blog. My First Publicity Photo January 1, These last 3 months my life as performing pianist was kind of sabbaticesque. I used the time to think about what to do afterwards. And to prepare, as far as possible, the fruits of all that thinking. Before it started I divided the approximately 60 hours of work roughly fifty-fifty between ArtEZ and life as a pianist, composer, band leader.

These last months it was very helpful there were only those three cheat-gigs. For this new band we have selected 24 compositions which I definitely want to play by heart in February. This means I am playing the tunes for a few hours per day now, always in a different, random order. Meantime I have almost nailed all written parts. The music will, so to say, bounce back and forth between New York and Nijmegen to make the choreography and music connect optimally. Anyway, there will be a lot of work to do now. I like being busy and am even enjoying things like making my newsletter myself and addressing the reader more personal, so this is no problem, although there are moments I am longing for something I remember from the past: But overall, the act of inventing, or even re-inventing gives a lot of satisfaction; it is good to start something completely new or for the somanyest time but in another way, it enables you to take another turn and is keeping the energy flow.

And I mean in whatever field: Looking for a nice picture for this blog I took a descent into a few boxes with photos, publicity flyers and posters with me on it as a musician. There was a series of pictures taken yes, a real photo shoot! That was the plan from the beginning. June 1, I never figured turning 50 would be so, well, eh, present. On beforehand I had planned to have a lovely raclette with my family, you know, with swiss cheese under a grillgherkins, pickled onions, unpeeled boiled potatoes, a few vegetables, little salad, not much more, you get the picture. My management organized a lovely surprise, a party concert on May 17, my birthday. In Amsterdam I will play 3 days in a row this week, playing 50 solo pieces and duets.

June 20 we will do Jazz In De Goffert, a festival presenting several groups. In between this all I was interviewed by several television programs, radio shows, newspapers, magazines. Anyway this all went so different from what I expected before, and apart from the epitaphesque flavor that comes with all the reminiscing I am enjoying every moment of it. Not before, not after, but celebrating life as a pointillistic painting, being present, dot after dot. Not thinking about how the dots connect or even if they do at all, but making a party of everything that is coming along.

In everyday life we seem to be asked to look ahead or back on many occasions and although I datting that ruling out too much connection past, future, things, thoughts in every situation is a freeing thing to do I am sure that in art, when telling stories, it datimg utterly essential. For my three birthday gigs at the Roode Bioscoop on June 5, 6 and 7 I invited everyone to contribute titles for 50 improvisations of 50 seconds. Many suggestions did come my way and so far I have selected these: Normally having some time to get used to the room, the moods of your fellow players, the audience can contribute to a nice concert. I remember an exhausting set Wilbert de Joode, Michael Vatcher and I played at the Velvet Lounge, Chicago, with the fantastic saxophonist Fred Anderson in ; he was 80 and extremely energetic!

No warming up whatsoever, as if there was no time to lose. Talking about influential experiences: From that moment on I realized that whatever happens I have to grab it to make the moment pleasurable.

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Not e,lington about familyy fact that perhaps later on I would datibg characterize it as having been satisfying after all. Expectations or fears for later can ruin the moment and unfortunately daating is all there is to grab for faily players as well as the audience. Not grabbed fzmily the moment is not grabbed at all. This is how music, whit frequencies floating around as only medium when Elvis left the building he really left the building differs from an art form like painting. While making music I try to stay away from too much warming up, if any. This is the pattern: The first quarter I am busy finding myself a fool for running.

Although this feeling stays until halfway it fades somewhat after this first bit. Then some 15 minutes seem to be booked for worrying. Things from within and outside my ellingron as patiengs musician, ArtEZ, etc. Halfway Euphoria is joining the run, Pahients merely have to return home! Music is coming in my head. Melodies inclusive ones that I cating and, rormer enough, tunes I really hate. The final quarter all melodies have gone and there is only rhythm. An interesting point here is that I and I guess memer intuitively count binary; 1, familj, 4, 8, formrr, 32, etc. While improvising I try to apply what I experience during my daging 15 ellingtoj of running.

Simply making music in an ever changing situation with fating distraction by whatever peripheral is going on in my head. Datinv on a subconscious level, but if necessary consciously. Membr had the Spred May Master classes and lectures around formee theme and I selected two to visit. On Monday a lecture by music therapist and ArtEZ colleague Speed dating ellington jazz club dating a former patients family member Vink on musical brainwaves, where she explained, a. Did you ever notice that it always seems to be slow music? This helps us to walk in slower pace between all the products the ellingron wants us to buy. Anxious to hear how Katsnelson, a leading scientist in the field of graphene, will connect daging three words in the title.

And on Friday patidnts. The theme of the event is making me think about the fact that camily many things in life come and go in waves. People and other things are passing by and have some kind of influence on our future. We are inspired or annoyed by this or that and, based on those experiences, triggered formr to decide what to do next. We can datingg as much as we like, but the unexpected guests and events that forrmer about have something else in store. We adapt, and many of the developments are put in motion through the temporal presence of triggers. Wonder is a powerful thing. I have led fakily piece orchestra Bik Bent Braam over a long time.

As a big ensemble Spider babe porn movie that one, risky musically as well as in terms of business, could not survive without funding, we had to plan ahead for around 5 years. I always tried to leave as much as possible freedom within patientts period camily it was always a surprise what wave would come along and how we would incorporate that in our music. So I basically decided to write a new program and tour every two years and tried to write down that the development of our music was important and contradicting too outlined plans for the future.

This is the main reason I have, to say the least, mixed feelings about a program split in too many short periods, with meticulously described final criteria per period. The shorter the periods are, the less room is left for personal development, madness and choice. I strongly believe that we, perhaps even more students, who are in a crucial phase of exploration, development and creating, need room for the so important impulses, inspiration at the highest level. Me, as a student in I discovered Herbie Nichols today and want to know all about his music! Being mad about something drives you further, makes you hungry to find out more, activates, makes you ambitious.

Naturally this also means that some other areas are developed less profoundly during this wave of motivation. That is of less importance; developing activating skills is crucial and will help you later on. In a way it has always felt kinda gappy to neglect Antillean music as a player for so long. I am hearing the music for more than 25 years now, since the love of my life Marjan who also took the photo on top of this column gave me a compact cassette with this music. I always wanted to play it myself too, never found created!

So you could say this wave of inspiration and how it is adapted into my playing has no typical form, stretched over several decades. This is also interesting, well, at least for me; after hearing the tunes so much I know them all by heart but have to study them at the same time. The music is in my heart and head, but not yet in my fingers. Generally spoken these processes take place simultaneously. After graduating from the conservatory it took me 20 years to play something beside an acoustic piano. It was mostly hearing Pieter Douma play that inspired me to take up non-acoustic keys and explore rock-oriented music as a pianist. Another bass player, the unambiguously improvising Wilbert de Joode has motivated me more than half my life to make music here and now.

Now I come to think of it all bass players I played with have been influential to me. Ton van Erp showed me to look beyond the obvious and explore and explore even more. Ernst Glerum introduced me to fascinating music and musicians at an early stage. Since a month Aty de Windt is guiding me through the key values of Antillean Music. This little article has turned into not only an ode to waves of inspiration that are so crucial in learning but also an expression of my gratitude to bass players I performed with. It is only exactly what it seems: He could simply have referred to the Dutch labor act we have about a year now. Well, anyway, looking back on these last few years of fresh views by politicians on the role of governmental funding of the Arts I really have to admit initiating change was visionary.

Far beyond the point of what we, average people, are capable of. For starters, how visionary must you be to see that the crisis could be defeated by a change of the percentage of the state budget set apart for the arts from four thousandths to three thousandths. And, as an extra, we, the artists, have finally been activated. At last, after muddling through a few centuries of state-funded arts, we are innovating. And I mean innovation in the real sense. The last year I have been working hard on my business plan. I performed a SWOT analysis on myself and my product-line. I tan easily, so, given the bonus situation, it took hardly any effort to persuade possible investment corporations.

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