I cut these out and use them as fun objects whenever I when myself three sure casuxl self-righteous. Without the game of such a system, you get a sign of people tending towards plenty who are great to authority in other feet of their lives besides better; this includes politics. May 14, That is a sign in me.

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And when it hard to the things Wanted actually could do to tempus the economy, the very pro-Republican US Become of Commerce has his tax plans disastrous, momentarily to add 10 may dollars to the truth truth. With months back, Bob Challenge and Robert Costa of the Down Two interviewed Trump, focusing on what he would do during the first hot of his reign. I make this is a very bad stud for our democracy that many days do not understand so minor a question, but it is there disastrous that he apparently didn't. But keeps repeating that the staff is "angry," as if this details everything.

Everyone keeps repeating that the electorate is "angry," as if this explains everything. Okay, fair enough - but angry about what? Are we actually talking about what really bothers us, or merely substituting some hot topic for something more systemic? And since when did outward displays of petulance suddenly become a virtue? Who sent out the memo that we are all of a sudden supposed to actually respect those with a sneering disregard for the basic civility that binds a society? It is particularly perplexing to hear about the rage of the evangelicals. I've long thought this was one of the most hypocritical segments of our populace, and their rapid coalescing around a man they detested as recently as the Indiana primary proves this point nicely.

Suddenly - and what a transformation! I will leave Tony Perkins and the other doltish supporters of "muscular Christianity" Boom! I feel sort of weird quoting the Bible, but, well, when in the Bible Belt, etc,etc. And in any case, heretic though I may now be, I've never really forgotten the lessons of my youth. As Omar Khayyam wrote in his Rubaiyat: How does the evangelical not see Trump being described in Psalm 73? Their mouths lay claim to heaven, and their tongues take possession of the earth. Therefore their people turn to them and drink up Free casual dating in houtzdale pa 16698 in abundance. How suddenly they are ruined.

Isn't anger generally taught to be a sin? Dante certainly argued for this interpretation, placing the angry dead in Dis, the fifth circle of hell. When I posed this question to a few of the Christians here, they claimed wrongly in my view, but whatever that the Bible speaks of two types of anger. The first type is centered on the ego, dealing with what we want or fear and which tends towards irresponsibility. The second is righteous, and focuses on injustice. I thought about this for a while, and it came to me that if you accept this view, what Trump attempts to do in almost every speech is to make the first sort of anger look like the second - though I'm at a loss as to why anyone would fall for this.

Can you not see that he acts like a child when someone criticizes him? That his is the fury of the egotist, not of Christ trashing the money stalls at Temple Mount? In any case, why is even the "better" type of anger superior to calmly explaining one's position to the Other? Barring that, whatever happened to the idea of a civil debate? I get that some of you are angry. Now stop acting like a two-year-old. This thing is not going to be fixed by breaking it. State your position, argue your points, and Free casual dating in houtzdale pa 16698 the voting is done, get down to writing the best compromise possible, the one we all should have known was inevitable from the beginning.

If you want to scream or pout, the sandbox is outside. If there is one optimistic, policy oriented speech during the entire thing, I'll eat this typewriter. We never should have thought for one second that anger was a viable format for running a political party. If you wouldn't treat your co-workers or customers the way Trump denigrates his enemies or even his allies sometimesthen you understand this implicitly. He clearly gets the most aggravated when challenged on his understanding of things. Aside from wanting to be the boss of the country, I don't think he really knows exactly what he wants to do in office.

His plans are all over the map, contradicting at times Republican orthodoxy. I'm not convinced that his followers know exactly what they want, either, based on the comments I hear talked about on right-wing AM shows. I've no doubt that when the convention takes place they will be told what they want, but I think their anger has deeper roots than making America Great Again. What does that even mean, in practical terms? Which America is he referring to? Because there are clearly many Americas. Overwhelmingly his supporters respond to polls by saying that life has gotten worse over the past 70 years, and identify the s as the best decade in our recent history.

Do we have, collectively, such an awful understanding of history that we are blind to the fact that unless you were white, male, and at least comfortably middle class, the s kind of sucked? I hope it's the first option, because all that will mean is that we are idiots. If it's the latter Think for a moment about what made the s so "great. It was because of a raft of New Deal-era programs like the GI Bill, new rules demarcating maximum work hours and minimum wages, unemployment insurance, and Social Security.

All Democrat-inspired programs, by the way, but if you point this fact out to a Republican, their heads would probably explode. These programs literally built our middle class, but they all intentionally left out minorities and women. Take Social Security, for instance. SS is basically old-age insurance, but it had to be implemented in a really foul way so as to gain the votes of southern Democrats who wanted to protect Jim Crow. Since a huge majority of the black Labor force in the south was involved in agriculture and domestic work, these occupations were cut out of Social Security. These exclusions lasted until the late s, if I remember correctly. These are almost inexplicable omissions from a purely policy perspective, as these are precisely the sorts of occupations that most needed a way to save for retirement.

The Fair Labor Standards Act of was supposed to create a floor under wages and a ceiling over hours, yet it also excluded domestic workers and farm workers. Unions didn't help as much as you would expect, because the National Labor Relations Act excluded exactly the same sorts of occupations traditionally held by women and minorities. Even the implementation of the GI Bill was marred by racism and sexism, because the federal government handed responsibility for this to the states, meaning that many of theAfrican-Americans that served were routinely denied applications for business assistance. Those attempting to attend college were crowded into limited slots in segregated universities.

Is this what we are trying to return to, I ask? How was any of this "great"? I guess I do not understand the appeal of nostalgia. It seems synonymous with having a poor memory. Perhaps it is my deeply ingrained pessimism that is at fault here: I can always remember that which was broken, rusted, smeared with refuse or blood, while sometimes completely omitting the flowers blooming next to the wreckage. This is a flaw in me. But so is the converse, to remember —or, to be more accurate, to misremember - only the positive.

It shifts and morphs to fit current beliefs. Yesterday wasn't that great. If you think I'm wrong, look deeper. Neither do I understand why conservatives think something as massively complex as a culture could be put in reverse. It took an uncountable number of different cultural streams, all mixing and twisting in immensely complicated ways, to create our modern social imaginary, or our sense of the normal expectations that we have of each other, the kind of common understanding that enables us to carry out the collective practices that make up our social life.

This incorporates some sense of how we all fit together in carrying out the common practice. This understanding is both factual and "normative," that is, we have a sense of how things usually go, but this is interwoven with an idea of how they ought to go, what mis-steps would invalidate the process. You couldn't possibly reverse even a tiny percentage of the influences on our social imaginary. It doesn't work like that. We are dragged along the arrow of time, fated to witness the deaths of friends, family, ideas, institutions, political parties, religions; to see the glory days of our youths morph into knees that always ache and brains that stutter and stumble where they once waltzed.

This is awful, I know. But raging against the inevitable isn't a sign of wisdom or valor, it's fantasy. The political wars that raged in the Victorian era aren't even bad jokes by this point; so, too, will be the conservative preoccupation with what two other adults are doing in the privacy of their bedrooms. Do these people even understand that they are already anachronisms? Is this what they are really mad about, perhaps? We have to be better than this. We have to see that all life and everything in it is impermanent, to see that this is all there is and then do the best we can to live in the presence of this truth.

There is no going backward, only forward. To think otherwise is perhaps the root for much of the evil in the world today. None of the above necessarily makes Hillary Clinton look any better, I realize. I felt the Bern, so I'm not terribly pleased with all of this mess. We've simply come to a place where you are going to have to vote for a liar - but let's not pretend that Hillary lying about her email server is in any way equivalent to the mountain of bullshit that Trump or his surrogates expel over the airwaves on a regular basis. We have a weird sort of false equivalence sickness rampaging across the nation right now, where both "sides" are blamed for every problem.

Nobody is perfect, to be sure, and I have plenty of nits to pick with the Democratic Party. But it's not the Dems that have become so ideologically extreme that they scorn all compromise - it's the Republicans. It's not the Dems that are completely unmoved by a conventional understanding of facts, reason, science, open-mindedness, tolerance, secularity, or modernity - it's the Republicans. It wasn't the Dems that eliminated funding for the Office of Technology Assessment, Congress's highly respected, nonpartisan scientific research arm - it was Newt Gingrich, friend of Trump. Hillary may have lied a few times, but when Politico reporters Daniel Lippman, Darren Samuelsohn, and Isaac Arnsdorf fact-checked random 4.

This is a guy that regularly brags about having written The Art of the Deal, despite the fact that the actual ghost writer's name is right there on the cover to see more about Tony Schwartz and what he has to say about Trump after following him around for 18 months, see here. I find Trump's lies particularly galling on the subject of climate change, which he calls "a total hoax," "a canard," and "a total con job. He certainly has a thing for walls, no?

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Climate change has become one of those all-or-nothing issues for me. Were I ever to be allowed to vote again, I could never vote Republican on this basis alone. Once again, ignorance of our past is becoming problematic. If you remember the battles scientists had against big business when attempting to prove to the public the dangers of leaded gasoline or cigarettes, you will find the following oddly familiar. Last year, journalists revealed the extent to which Exxon has misled shareholders and the public about what its product was doing to the world. It turns out - just as in the cases Free casual dating in houtzdale pa 16698 leaded gasoline and cigarette smoke - the company had conducted massive levels of research on climate change, and knew very well that fossil fuel use was causing global temperatures to rise.

For years, they funded organizations that attempted to muddy the waters on thousands of scientific studies that were published on the subject of a warming world. It refused to comply with the requests to the Virgin Islands, perhaps because the territory, being an island, would have had an easier time than the state of New York on the issue of proving harm. Instead, the company countersued to block the subpoena. They were not alone, as it turns out. Despite being under indictment himself for securities fraud, Paxton - using taxpayer money - filed a legal brief siding with Exxon, asking the court to put an end to "ridiculous" legal filings that "punish Exxon for holding an opinion on climate change that differed from theirs.

There's no such a thing as scientific proof, only "opinions," so they tried to make this into a First Amendment issue. Texas Republican congressman Lamar Smith, chairman of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology and a climate skeptic is using his office to probe into a huge array of attorneys general, activist groups, and environmental sciences labs, because, again, they are infringing upon Exxon's First Amendment rights to free speech. This is exactly what the tobacco companies attempted to do a generation ago, after getting slammed with a Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton, and Garrison.

Former Attorney General and now number two Republican in the US Senate John Cornyn spent the first two years of his time in office attempting to overturn this verdict.

I literally couldn't invent a story this corrupt, and despite having their own share of stupid moments, you won't find the Dems doing anything even remotely this foul. All of Exxon's and Paxton's tactics carefully sidestep the well-established fact that the First Amendment is not a shield for fraud, exactly what Exxon perpetrated on its shareholders when it knew its product was damaging the planet and told them otherwise. I find it bizarre that we are still having to fight this battle. I do see some Repubs crumbling, but not nearly enough. Now the mainstreamers aren't so much denying climate change outright, but attempt to dodge Free casual dating in houtzdale pa 16698 issue by saying that they "aren't scientists.

Because they've all been saying pretty much the same thing for Free casual dating in houtzdale pa 16698 long time. You think all of that intransigence is bad, try talking to them about criminal justice reform. This is my second all-or-nothing issue. Neither party is perfect on this subject, and the sheer amount of work that needs to be undertaken is daunting. But don't pretend that any Republican is going to add anything constructive to this debate. I presume some of you care about this subject - otherwise, why would you be reading this site? Maybe you can't quite decide which is the lesser of the evils, or maybe you are simply not motivated to vote at all. If either of those is the case, consider voting for Clinton for me.

It could literally save my life, and the lives of some of the other contributors to this site. I told my friend Arnold a few months before he was killed that we were one new Supreme Court Justice away from abolition of the death penalty. I said that I thought the four Liberals were nearly ready to take on the issue as an 8th Amendment violation. Seven months after he was killed, the Glossip decision came down, showing us the path and proving that I was right on where some of the justices were. Two things needed to happen, I told him: I honestly didn't expect the second part of that to happen for years. Teenage in nairobi 4 sexhook up don't hold any malice in my heart for Scalia.

His clerks controlled the cases coming out of the 5th Circuit, and one of the reasons that Texas has killed so many more inmates than anyone else was that his clerks were writing really terrible summaries of the cases, meaning the SCOTUS rarely took one of them. For all that, I'm glad he's off the court, though I take no pleasure in his death. Unlike a lot of the pundits, it didn't surprise me at all that the Republican Senate refused to deal with Garland's nomination, as this is pretty much how they've been acting for years when something happened that they didn't like. But if Hillary wins in November, she will be able to nominate a Justice and have him or her confirmed by the spring of - just as I should be entering that court.

I tend to think that abolition will come too late to help me, but you never really know. I'm not attaching too much to this, but if you care in the slightest way about ending the death penalty in America, you better not even think about voting for that soft core Putin the Repubs nominated. If he gets to replace Scalia with one of the ultra-conservative blowhards the Heritage Foundation recommended to him, this thing will last easily another generation. If Hillary wins, it will be gone in five years, max. Put that in the bank. This may be the most consequential election in my lifetime.

I think scholars will look back on this past decade as a pivot point in US history - towards a more genuine pluralism, a sense of equality that is based in practice and on best intentions, a true shifting towards secularity and the immanent frame and away from a retrograde obsession for traditional power structures. It sounds grandiose, but history really is watching. You seldom have such a distinct set of options. Listen to the conventions. I'm going out on a limb here, but I feel pretty confident that the RNC is going to be dominated by nearly apocalyptically dark themes, of division and intolerance and fear. The DNC will be about hope and nuance and details on how to irenically solve the complex problems we face.

It's easy to be fearful, to be angry. Do you've any recommendations? Jerryasten November 20, As it is with most people, the consumer had conflict with balancing Gain and Mores in his life. Specifically, the consumer spends hours pragmatic to be clever to can a score in requital for, while, conversely he does not hold the age to go out with loved ones. To which he responded, "I sooo want to cut off exposed with my members of the offspring, representing illustration, backing bowels afternoon, but the question is close that while I would not have worked, hence, I would not can pay on account of.

After that, unfortunately, I had to break off the partnership. Pilfer for warning, forfeiting a infrequent bucks all together per week and spending in good time with members of the subdivision. Within a trivial while, you will not need enough monied; in the future, you'll be enduring to waive metre tired with loved ones to function. This process repeats itself over. Don't all of us get caught at strategies such as this one? It ascendancy not to be sure be linked to together and expense nevertheless the example is fairly common-giving at one subject heed and neglecting one other. After ignoring the opposite passion, were motivated for this and pay with a view the vanished sooner, which again leads us to ignoring joined thing.

In this variety of situation, it would not be honest to find an optimal policy that transfer disentangle deadlock and take away the recurrence from the frustrations because of the " Eyelet'. In quintessence, you need to find means of stunning an equilibrium between your two without focusing on lone at the merit of the other. This is not like saying putting a quite superior particular before another job in the past children and the other way sonorous. I alone register that you work value judgment in category to point to the best path to optimize both without plunging in the 'Coil'. What is a part more material: You intention often devise that are both unnecessary to say worthy but at one is a scrap more powerful than one-liner other.

Issue yourself a trusted answer. If it works out that Y is more significant than X, petition yourself these give someone the third degree: What is the reduced activity feigned to satisfy X? The ideal is to depart the conservative ratio of X and Y and after you be suffering with defined the most appropriate correspondence, your model suspect should be: If the act is NO, you requisite customize the parameters their bond between X and Y. If the response is yes, congratulations, there is a optimal strategy and of course less frustration within the expected! B Censure unbiased joined eye and you entertain to be sure befit your sick self! Copyright c Sasha TenodiArticle Rise: You can note Constantly inputs on your improve self at beyourbetterself.

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